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1. What is an insurance policy?
This is the written evidence of the contract between you and your insurer.
2. What is a contract of insurance?
It is an agreement of good faith between the insurer and one or more parties, called the insured, whereby the insurer undertakes in return for the payment of a certain consideration, called the premium, to pay to the insured a certain sum of money or to grant certain compensation on the happening of a specified event.
3. What is a certificate of insurance?
It is a document that provides evidence of insurance, especially in the case of motor insurance, where it is required by law, and may be requested by the police and licensing authorities. It is also used in travel insurance and in some marine cargo insurance as evidence for particular shipments which are covered under a block policy or open cover. This is a very important document and is not transferable to other persons.
4. What is a proposal form?
This document contains a set of questions requesting personal details and the risks you would like to cover. The form is completed prior to the purchase of an insurance policy. The proposal form must be signed and a copy kept.
5. What is a summary of cover?
It is a document providing a summary of the insurance policy.
6. What is a policy term?
It is the period for which an insurance policy provides coverage.
7. What is a premium?
It is the sum paid to an insurance company for the insurance protection provided by a policy of insurance.
8. What are "exclusions" or "exceptions"?
Specific conditions or circumstances listed in the policy for which the policy will not provide cover.
9. What is a claim?
It is a request for payment of a loss, which may be included under the terms of an insurance policy.
10. How do I lodge a claim?

To lodge a claim, obtain a claim form either by calling (356) 21339110, writing to Bonnici Insurance Agency Ltd, 222, The Strand, Gzira GZR1022, sending a fax to: (356) 21310390 or emailing

You can also download the respective Claim Form from the Claims section. Please click here for the Personal Insurance Claim Forms and here for the Business Insurance Claim Forms.

Retain your insurance policy and all necessary documents to support your claim. Instructions on how to proceed are included in the claim form.

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